We stock all the packing materials you need to safely transport & store your items. You don’t need to rent a storage unit with us to get a great deal on packing materials – simply visit our sales reception who will be happy to help.

Cardboard Boxes

Box typeSize (inches)Size (cm)Price
Book box18 x 12 x 1245 x 30 x 30£2.49
Small removal box18 x 18 x 1045 x 45 x 25£2.99
Medium removal box18 x 18 x 2045 x 45 x 50£3.99
Archive box with lid16 x 12 x 1040 x 33 x 25£3.99



5 metres plastic bubblewrap750mm x 5m£5.00
10 metres plastic bubblewrap750mm x 10m£8.00
50 metres plastic bubblewrap750mm x 50m£35.00
100 metres plastic bubblewrap750mm x 100m£55.00
5 meters paper bubblewrap750mm x 5m£5.00
25 meters paper bubblewrap750mm x 25m£18.00
75 meters paper bubblewrap750mm x 75m£40.00


Packing Tape Price

Heavy duty packing tape50mm x 66m long£2.49
'Fragile' packing tape48mm x 66m long£2.49
Eco recyclable packing tape48mm x 50m long£2.99


Padlocks Price

40mm Padlock – Laminated steel with 3 keys£4.99
50mm Padlock – Laminated steel with 3 keys£5.99
48mm Weather Resistant Padlock – with 3 keys£5.99
50mm Combination Padlock£9.99


Packing Materials & Accessories Price

Wrapping paper. 5 metres x 900mm£2.99
Tissue paper – 50 sheets£2.00
Packing paper – 50 sheets£3.00
Single mattress cover (UK size)£3.49
Double/King mattress cover (UK size)£3.99
Marker pen – Black, permanent£0.99



Small6 Book boxes, 4 medium boxes, 1 eco tape, 5m bubble wrap. (Saving £3.89)£35.00
Medium10 Book boxes, 7 medium boxes, 2 eco tape, 10m bubble wrap. (Saving £6.81)£60.00
Large10 book boxes, 10 medium boxes, 5 archive boxes, 3 eco tape, 20m bubble wrap. (Saving £19.72)£90.00

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All prices include 20% VAT. All measurements approximate.