BS EN 15696:2008 is an internationally recognised standard for the provision of self storage to both personal and business customers. Approved in 5th October 2008, the standard promotes a customer focussed approach.

Self Storage Space meets (or exceeds) this operational standard across all areas of operations.

BS EN 15696 specifies requirements for the provision of self storage facilities and related services. The standard covers recommended practise in the following areas:-

  • The self storage facility (i.e. the self storage building itself)
  • Self storage units (or rooms)
  • Response to enquiry (handling customer enquiries)
  • Drafting and completion of the self storage contract
  • Contract period
  • Late payments
  • Unit vacation process
  • After sales service
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Operations and human resources

Further details can be found at the British Standards website, reference BS EN 15696:2008.