This glossary explains the terms & definitions used by the self storage industry – our hope is that by giving customers these definitions it helps clarify precisely what we provide  – please contact us if you have any further questions.

Self storage

A system of storage in which the service provider allocates, under the terms of a self storage contract, a finite, securable unit for storage to which the customer has the right to exclusive access.

Self storage facility

A building or other designated area in which self storage is provided.

Self storage store

Same as a self storage facility. Just different terminology.

Self storage unit

An individual self-contained, securable, unit of storage space which once occupied is static in a self storage facility.

Self storage room

The same as a self storage unit. Just different terminology.

Natural elements

Weather conditions usually prevailing in the vicinity of the self storage facility.

Service provider

An entity providing the self storage service on a commercial basis. In our case this is Self Storage Space.

Self storage contract

A written agreement between the service provider and the customer by means of which the customer is allocated the use of one or more self storage units, in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed. At Self Storage Space we use the standard contract provided to members of the Self Storage Association in the UK.

Sound condition

A structurally robust, without significant deterioration from the as new condition, clean and free from contamination that would affect stored items, and capable of protecting stored items from unauthorised access (other than through forced entry or other illegal means) and deterioration through exposure to the natural elements.

Unit size

An approximate area of usable floor space expressed in square/cubic metres or square/cubic feet.

Container storage

This is not the same as self storage. We do not recommend container storage due to problems with condensation, temperature control and security.

Prohibited goods

Goods which shall not be stored in a self storage facility.


Closed Circuit Television. Recording all movements within and around the perimeter of the self storage facility.


Source: These terms are based on definitions defined by European Self Storage Standard EN 15696:2008 (E).