How does self storage work?

A self storage facility provides customers with their own individual space. Self storage differs from traditional storage in that the owner of the items, is responsible for, and retains control over their items after they have put them into storage. You lock your own space and keep the key and have freedom of access to your space during the business hours of the storage facility. You pay an initial fee to use the storage facility and are subject to the necessary regulations of the storage facility. You have freedom and flexibility with self storage in as much as you can access your space as often as required (within the prescribed hours of the facility) spend whatever time you need in your space moving goods in and out as needed.

What can I store?

If it can be moved, it can usually be stored! Furniture, books, files, some building materials, commercial stock, sporting equipment including vehicles – just about anything from a few boxes of wine to a full house of furniture. The only items that are prohibited are flammable or dangerous substances and anything illegal – for a full list click go to the prohibited items list.

How much space do I need?

Estimating exactly how much space can be difficult, however, our staff are very experienced and can show you our range of storage units and provide quotations without obligation.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the size – we offer a range of storage units to suit all budgets. You only pay for the space you need. We offer a range of payment methods including direct debit, credit and debit cards. We also require a small (fully refundable) deposit.

Can I use my own insurance?

Yes. Your goods in self storage are not automatically covered for loss or damage. Please ask your insurance company if your existing policy is suitable for covering your goods in self storage – many do! If required, we can provide very competitive insurance rates.

Can you help me move my items?

Our partner company Anytime Removals will be able to help with this, please ask at reception or visit

Can I buy boxes and bubblewrap?

Yes. Our staff can offer you a range of different card board boxes and accessories to help you store your items safely.

Can I upgrade my unit ?

Yes. It’s no problem! We can normally change the space you’ve booked within 1-2 working days.

Do you provide storage for students?

Yes. We provide self storage units for Students at Brighton University or Sussex University. Our Lewes facility is 10 minutes drive from the Falmer campus. We often provide storage units over the summer break or between tenancies. We are always happy to help – please call us for a free quotation 01273 470000.

Do you provide a removals service?

Yes, you can contact our reception team or visit


How much notice is required before you can visit or leave the unit?

No notice is required to visit your unit – you can visit anytime we’re open. Just remember to bring your keyfob. You will need to provide two weeks notice before leaving.

Is smoking allowed?

In accordance with Smokefree England, it is against the law to smoke anywhere inside the premises.